Worries? I have a few, but there are many differences now to the type I allow. Firstly I upset a friend yesterday, she had read my last blog and could not finish it. Why? Because unfortunately it rang home to her, she too has suffered a form of abuse. I did offer to take it down, I would never want to revisit a bad experience for anyone. However she said “no, if by telling my story helps another person in any way then it should stay” 

This got me thinking again, just how many of my friends or any off my followers have experienced some form of abuse? Why when we live in a age where mental illness, learning difficulties, disability, sexual preference and or any other “not the norm” are recognised and many a programme or agency are out there for people to get the empowerment that they deserve! 
I read an article just yesterday about a child being bullied for having red hair or ginger as we call it. Yes it’s a know fact that “gingers” get some name calling but so do fat, gay, poor people. Where does this end. Who is the norm? I know I’m certainly not! 
My worries are prioritised:-

My kids

My family ( mother mostly ) 

My illness 

My fitness journey 


Relationships????? Not for a long time will I be ready for that. 

Lastly my past. 
Ask me 2 years ago and that list was severely different. Going through counselling and watching a stand up comedian ( strange but true ) has taught me that. Your past can not be changed no matter what you do or try. It’s how you deal with the present and future is what defines you as a person. 
You can however look to understand your past and learn to forgive persons who hurt you and yourself also. I forgive my father he’s dead now, he was of a time when the things he did weren’t as bad as what they are now. He was abused himself as a child ( this does not change that it was wrong ) but he wasn’t educated either. I forgive people for their mistakes if they have apologised to me. I won’t forgive people who don’t or won’t apologise though but I also won’t fret about it either. What’s the point in getting yourself worked up about something years ago. It’s not worth my energy, I’m concentrating on my improvements as a mother, friend and athlete. The rest is so fat down the echelon ladder, i won’t allow or warrant it my time. 
Worrying, everyone does it everyone can learn from it. Use your energy to promote active meaning to your life, not something that can never be changed unless you have a time machine! 


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