Why do we do this? 

Why does an athlete do what they do? 

I hear this question often from friends and associates. I am beginning to believe that these people are clearly lazy! So I asked back, what’s your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing outside of work and family time? What excites you? Is there a project at home you are eager to get back too? 

And then I sit and wait. The look on each persons face initially is to stare, they look upwards and then a smile grows on their face. They begin to tell me of their passion. The level of excitement is evident, with each smile begins a tale a story of ups and downs, struggles and achievements, laughter tears and then they tell me 9/10 that they reached their end goal. For the majority it’s not physicall ( apart from childbirth ) some enjoy comic cons or reading their favourite novels. For many of my first time mother friends is the first time they hear their babies cry and hold that sweet child in their arms. I can relate to this, the smell of a freshly bathed child is by far the most warm and in touch with nature I have ever felt. That and washing my feet on exercise in the army. Talcing then and then applying fresh clean socks ( eutrophic ) 

So I then ask, 

Why do you ask me why I do what I do then? Yes I’m committed as you are too with your hobbies and goals. Why should mine be any different? 

They can’t answer…. why? Because I believe not all are 100% committed to their goal. I am, so stop asking!!! 


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