Body shaming 

Body shaming 
We see this term used often now on social media or in the news. Mainly aimed at celebrities or wannabe famous on Instagram. Now I too am a bit of a social media addict is there shame in that? Not really some may say so but I stopped paying attention to other peoples opinions when I realised I can’t pay my bills with them. I believe body shaming it is all due to personal perception. Now here’s my theory! 
When I was fat I was the token fat girl. The one who made other girls look good. Did I know this? Of course I fuvking did. One girl I used to know would dig at my weight constantly she ( then ) had a beautiful figure tanned, toned and not a stretch mark insight her boobs were perked and she knew she had a great body, she told me enough! What she didn’t know is she had a face like a bag of smashed crabs, she may have had a body like baywatch but the face was for crimewatch!!! She would often mention my weight and it was always in a cruel manner those were the days were I would put myself down before someone else did. 
So image her horror when I lost the weight and as if by magic she becomes pregnant, has the baby and isn’t so perfect anymore. 

Did I make a cruel dig at her? Yeah I fuvking did, not out of malice or spite I just simply rolled of the tongue. I watched her face instantly fall she didn’t even have a comeback, she just took it. Why? Because she knew, she knew that I had rights to that one dig! 
I don’t like mean girls in fact it’s safe to say if I pick my friends I make sure they’re not these fucking plastic looking wannabe Kim kardasians!!! Half the girls nowadays seem to want to look like a transgender drag artist with there contoured faces and lies. I have fake boobs because I didn’t have any not because Chardonnay two doors down got hers done, so now I want them and I’ve got them on tick and my mums paying them off with milk tokens. 
So it’s everyday I see body shaming, especially on the internet. Fat girls telling people to love your curves, fit girls shaming fat girls. Plain girls shaming make up girls. Religious shaming women who don’t cover up. Non religious telling women to uncover
Women, women, women constantly slagging each other off. Yet as soon as a man makes a quote or insists on a sandwich being made we all group together and shame him. Why can’t we just all mind our own fuvking business? 
Now if you look at men it’s exactly the same. Men who spend time and effort in the gym busy sculpting their bodies are slagged off by Keith in IT, yet Keith from IT will be classed as less manly because of his spaghetti arms and lack of testosterone. Now as a gymrat myself I hear the phrase “roid head” a lot. Just because a guy goes to the gym to lift heavy weights does not mean he takes steroids. Those who take steroids are easily spotted there is a massive difference and yes I guess to the untrained eye or average Joe you proberly wouldn’t be able to tell. But to us gym goers it stands out like a sore thumb. I don’t agree or disagree with PED’s performance enhancing drugs. The only time I’ve ever really had experiences with them is from the men I have dated and yes all but my husband have been on them, evidently I’m attracted to that type of man it’s not a crime! Men are just as paranoid as women are when it comes to their bodies as of late. However the biggest difference is they are more willing to congralute each other on gains. We should take a leaf out of theirs books. 

I love the gym I spend most of my free time either training or practicing or food prepping. I don’t however look at a girl who is eating fast food and slag her off, I think ( lucky bitch ) I don’t look at skinny girls any different to larger girls. I don’t like the plastics because it was those who picked on me the most when I was fat. That doesn’t mean I hate them it means they’re not my cup of tea. But I wouldn’t dismiss them as human beings! Just slightly stupid ones. 

From fat girl to thin my personality did not alter, the only thing that changed was my confidence. It wasn’t for long but it’s slowly growing back now, I don’t think myself any worse or any better than any other woman on this planet. I’m not competing against any other women either. The only person I compete against is looking at me in the mirror everyday and that bitch is my worst critic!  

Go easy on yourselves girls. There’s no need for it. No matter what you look like or what shape you are we are all going in a box one day. Admittedly some will be bigger than others… 
My coffin will be huge, I’m going to put every fucking lb back on before I cark it. 

“I’m not the one carrying the box” 


4 thoughts on “Body shaming 

  1. What a load of shit. 90% of what you write is lies, I knew Richie very well and you were just something to ease the boredom of Kabul.

    We all know you can’t work in the security industry because of the lies you told,

    You’ve done nothing to have PTSD, you should be ashamed of yourself for the lies to tell

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